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Muscle cars, Imports, Antique Cars to Exotic. We love them all!


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Your one-stop site for Connecticut Car Shows

My goal with this site. I want to provide a site where you can find car shows or events happing here in Connecticut and neighboring states.

Over the years I’ve always found it frustrating to figure out where a car show or an event is going to be here in Connecticut. Of course, you can find events on other various sites. However, none of them are very well organized. This site is intended for every car guy and car girl alike. if you know of an event and you’d like to see send me the details I’ll post it here. I’ll throw it up on the site. The main goal is to make everything easy and easy to find.

A little about myself

Since I was little I always played with Matchbox cars, Electric race car tracks and RC cars. I got into cars at an early age 10 or 11 I think. When I realized cars came apart the rest was history. Now I have my own Muscle Car.

My Newest Project

1970 Chevy Nova

Watch for all the project photos in the gallery!